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os:win:x_server_on_win - WiKi

Remote X server

Linux side

In the console you need defined X server's IP for variable DISPLAY. In your activ console type:

export DISPLAY="WIN_IP:0.0"

M$ Win side

There are three ways: X-ming, Reflection, Cygwin.

1. X-ming

The simplest solution. X-ming has about 3MB and is very easy to configuration.

2. Reflection

3. Cygwin

Install Cygwin with Xorg server and hostx utility.

  1. Start Cygwin
  2. Start Xorg server
    user@hostname ~
    $ startxwin.exe
  3. Permiting client's IP
    • Permit one IP
      xhost +<clint_IP>


    • Permit all IPs
      xhost +

Linux side

Now you can try to run some X utility eg. xclock and you should see it on the M$ Win computer. If not so you did somewhere mistake (or me ;] ).